Gender and Womens Studies Research and Application Center

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The aim/goal of the Center which was founded 14th of October in 2009, that organize activities about social gender subjects intended to education, research and communication to increase the level of consciousness in the dimension of national and international.

These activities can be detailed into three groups. Implementations intended to students which will improve social gender consciousness, academic contextual researches, regulations for which are tending communication with public. The first one is to open elective courses, take place orientation program about social gender subjects that prevails currently in the university, the second one is to share various types of conferences and exhibitions with people who do research in Turkey and international area, and also share research projects, the last one is to communicate it contains affords in contact with similar public corporations as well as the arrangement of public activities.

The Center, is open to communicate with person and institutions that have similar goals both inside and outside of the university.

March 25, 2010